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From Building Code to Building Teams

Thomas Stephan

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Thomas Stephan, Head IT Wealth Management and Advisory at Julius Bär, on his journey from being a developer to leading a large IT organization.

Thomas shares why he decided to move from being a coder to building teams and organizations and what that means in terms of his impact. He also shares some very practical pieces of wisdom on how to bring the right people on board, who to trust your people and how to build loyalty.

Watch the full video below.

About Thomas Stephan

After degree in Mechanical Engineering and a degree in Business Administration joined for 11 years the consultancy business (Accenture) in financial services.
Herein covering IT and business run-the-bank and change-the-bank initiatives in Europe and the US.

Afterwards taking international senior IT roles in Barclays Wealth, including head IT Barclays Wealth Switzerland, and becoming head IT and member of country managing board of Barclaycard Germany.

Joining Hewlett Packard and leading the EMEA financial services community while striving and supporting as IT and financial service subject matter expert outsourcing Mega-Deals.

Taking on central architecture role at Bank Julius Bär and appointed as Head IT for Wealth Management & Advisory leading run-the-bank as well as large programs.