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Focus on the Mindset, Not the Manual

Karl Njalsson

· Business,Industrial

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Karl Njálsson, Head of Product Management - Digital Energy Solutions at Alpiq, on how important the human factor is in digital innovation.

We discuss what happens if you don’t focus on the human in innovation, why mindset is more important than processes and how to keep people focused on the right things throughout projects.

Watch the full interview below.

About Karl Njálsson

Karl is a product focused leader with a proven track-record in building strategy and innovative solutions based on data, AI & IoT. With deep knowledge of the energy market, digital solutions, technology, SaaS and startups, he has successfully transformed product portfolios for Europes leading energy providers. At Alpiq, he transformed a collection of software pilots and a hardware portfolio into an AI-powered, platform-based recurring SaaS offering.

Prior to his role at Alpiq, Karl founded a company that worked with electricity utilities to solve problems rising from renewable energy sources & power markets. This system was used to electrify villages in India, improve rollout speed of Solar PV systems and help customers in Denmark reduce their carbon footprint.

Karl has an M.Sc. Energy Science from ETH Zurich, a B.Sc. Environmental & Civil Engineering from University of Iceland, has finished various shorter courses in finance and management, and is a certified PMP.