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Digital Transformation in Recruitment

Fabian Weber

· Human Resources

In this episode, I interview Fabian Felix Weber, Managing Director at CareerTeam on the digital transformation in recruitment.

Do we still need recruitment companies or will they become obsolete?

Can machines do the matching or do we still need that human gut feeling?

Join the conversation and watch the interview with Fabian below.

About Fabian Felix Weber


During his studies in Law & Economics at University of St. Gallen (HSG) Fabian was with an HR consultancy and developed an app to share private parking space. After Fabian decided that becoming a lawyer would be boring and being a consultant to others would leave his thirst for a very own project unsatisfied, Fabian decided to fully commit to the app business which turned out to be a good move: After two years his co-founders and him could sell the app to the Swiss Federal Railways. After a couple of months enjoying some time off he felt the urge of shaking up the recruiting market and joined CareerTeam – a fully data-driven headhunting boutique for the digital era with the mission of changing culture and approach of modern day recruiting.