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Digital Innovation Principles

with Holger Greif

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Holger Greif, Chief Operating Officer at swissQuant on how he drives digital innovation forward and leads through challenging transformations.

We discuss core principles of digital innovation, how to get management buy-in for testing new ideas and how important KPIs are in the process of innovation and scaling.

Watch the full interview below.

About Holger Greif

Chief Operating Officer and Advisor to the CEO of swissQuant. 23+ years consulting experience in financial services, business & digital transformation, sourcing and sustainable high performance of organizations. My focus always is to generate measurable impact and values to our clients via transformation projects - and applying innovation strategies with the "Diplomatic Rebels" approach.

Digitalization creates immense opportunities but also demands industries and companies to adjust to new requirements. It needs a thorough construction of sustainable ecosystems where we think in new dimensions: how can we as companies connect, allow start-ups to become players in the market, use synergies and try out things and have an ethical backbone? Digitalization is not just the next best tool but requires fundamental changes. It will bring disruption and a need to create new business models. It demands a different level of engagement where clients, people and efficient risk management are the centerpiece. Processes are becoming digitalized and automated and trust will be essential. How do we deal with data? How sincere do we take the required changes and our peoples´ fears? Where are new business opportunities? These are the questions I am deeply motivated to answer and whatever I do; trust, honesty and authenticity are always at the core of my acting.

I thrive when being able to share my views on how to survive market disruption. I like the challenge to find possibilities to open new markets and increase profitability contributing as a sparring partner for navigating through changes, risks and regulations. I am continuously looking for new talents to join our team or have an in-depth conversation about current topics with experienced thought-leaders.