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A Passion for Solving Really Tough Challenges

Boris Paskalev

· Tech Media and Telco

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Boris Paskalev, co-founder and CEO at DeepCode, on some of the lessons he learned from building DeepCode and his two failed startups.

We discuss why he’s so passionate about solving the really tough challenges and his vision for a sustainable society. Boris also shares how he’s selecting his co-founders and his perspective on sharing equity among the team.

Watch the full interview below.

About Boris Paskalev

Boris Paskalev is a serial entrepreneur with close to 20 years experience in technology, R&D, software & Lean operations.

Currently CEO and Co-Founder of DeepCode: a groundbreaking DeepTech company offering Augmented Intelligence for software developers: preventing developers from making mistakes solved by others, even in a very different setting.

He has experience with hyper-growth, to $3B with Vistaprint, and the challenges of closing ventures: Khearos and CaronMinder. Boris has the powerful and unique expertise combining engendering rigor with foremost business strategy and operations and education. He also brings wide experience in the start-up world and in the multi-billion dollar corporate setting.

He also has a professional network from his BSc & MSc in Computer Science from MIT and TRIUM: the leading technical university & the leading global Executive MBA by LSE, HEC, and NYU.

Boris is techy and a people-person believing in the power of his team.

His personality places a high value on open and direct communication, loyalty and dedication as a means to enable personal growth. His personal brand focuses consistently achieving positive returns, decomposing and solving hard problems with very motivated and energetic teams. Passion, hard work, clear vision, ingenuity, and agility remain one of his favorite tools in the daily work.