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A Passion for Exploration

Rainer Baumann

· Finance

In this episode of The Aligned Leader, I interview Rainer Baumann, Head Group Digital and Information Service at SwissRe, shares deep insights into leadership best practices and why he’s so passionate about exploration.

Rainer talks about his initial career path as an astronaut and what it is that gets him up every morning to face new challenges and make greater impact.

Watch the full interview below.

About Rainer Baumann

Rainer Baumann is an energetic, charismatic and experienced senior IT and Digital executive who strives for impact.

He has a proven track record in leading large IT organisations. He is experienced in transforming major classical IT organizations into differentiating digital organisations and building-up competitive new capabilities such as data science through a competence centre.

As former McKinsey Associate Principal, he is a strategic and fast thinker who is passionate about finding promising solutions for complex challenges.

He is passionate about leveraging technology to transform and advance businesses.
Rainer Baumann role models a modern management style along paradigms such as continuous learning, agile, lean, fail fast and empowerment. He is easily approachable fostering an open, un-hierarchical and positive collaboration environment.

He is dedicated to people and their personal as well as professional development. Consequently, he is a passionate coach and creates a lot of learning opportunities.