• The NorthStar Quest

    A LeadersBridge initiative to bring more diversity, creativity & outside perspective into organizations in Switzerland

  • Why

    In an ever-changing world, nothing stands still.

    So why do corporate boards?


    In a world full of colors, shades and complexities, black and white decisions make no sense.

    Why should they in business?


    Nothing in nature can exist in a vacuum, only in an ecosystem.

    So why do we act in a vacuum in business?


    We deeply believe that organizations need more diverse boards to bring positive change, ultimately leading to better decisions for everyone involved.


    We address diversity in all aspects: culture, generation and gender and shine a light on the personalities, ideas and perspectives of NorthStar Leaders.

    The Story Behind

    In conversation with the Managing Partner of a Swiss Venture Capital Fund, we realized the need for change.


    “Diversity in board meetings is missing. It is a dry environment. It would be much more productive with people from diverse backgrounds.”


    Many conversations later, hearing the same need from different people over and over again, we decided to do something about this.

    The win for corporate boards

    We believe that having a diverse board is a huge win for the boards and everyone who is affected by their work

    • More colorful conversations addressing the real challenges at hand
    • Stimulate creativity and bring different perspectives to the table
    • Leading to better decisions and an outcome of greater quality
    • Raising the innovation capital of companies
    • Inspire more organizations to bring diversity into their teams
  • Who Are NorthStar Leaders?

    "Leaders who follow their inner North Star to bring positive change onto our society and economy."

  • How

    We connect leaders from different backgrounds to engage on boards of local & global companies based in Switzerland.

    There are so many Best-of-Lists and awards of different kinds nobody remembers.

    Our idea is simple: Stories people remember!

    • By shining a light on NorthStar Leaders and their stories
    • By sharing how diverse corporate boards create more value for the organization
    • By inspiring others to enhance their corporate boards with diversity

    To a point where we reach a tipping point and a lack of diversity is no longer seen as acceptable.

  • Help Us Find Our NorthStar Leaders

    Let's find our NorthStar Leaders in Switzerland and hear their stories!


    You know a NorthStar Leader and you want to nominate this person?

  • Meet the Team

    We would love to have you on board with us to drive the vision forward together!

    This initiative is owned by the people who are involved.

    Daniel Jordi

    Find out more about Daniel here

    Sina Mehl

    Find out more about Sina here

    Jutta Jerlich

    For me everything starts with a personal connection, a shared experience – the most impactful people are the ones lead by an inner force. This makes the difference in my life. This is my why to find those NorthStar leaders.

    Alexis Geronga

    Find out more about Alexis here


    Be part of the team

    You see what we see, that inspires you to get involved to drive the vision forward together.

    You can contribute time, expertise or other resources - let us know and we get in contact with you! Sign up here.

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