• Strategic Business Development

    We partner with high-impact solution providers to help them build trusted relationships with key decision makers and influencers to expand their business and grow their impact.

  • Have you built a successful company based on referral business and direct sales activities?

    As the saying goes, what got you where you are today may not get you where you want to go…


    Not only is it unpredictable to rely on referral business or volume-driven sales activities, but it’s also ineffective in order to expand a company into new markets.

    You need a more strategic approach if you want to keep growing.


    We help you create & implement trust building campaigns that make booking meetings with key decision makers authentic, effective & effortless.

    This way, you not only get to create massive value for everyone you interact with and become a thought leader in your field, but also create business as a natural side effect.


    No more cold calling. No more trying to persuade people. No more chasing after new business.


    Suddenly, people gravitate towards you because of who you are and what your brand represents. Therefore, you filter out the black sheep and only attract the golden nuggets, because they are the ones who are aligned with your brand.


  • How it Works

    Phase 1 - Assess Resources to Leverage

    • Identify case studies, success stories and other resources we can use for building trust and credibility
    • Identify existing contacts like potential clients, former clients, etc. that we can create immediate results with
    • Package resources into structure we can use for outreach campaign

    Phase 2 - Build Outreach Campaign With All Sequences

    • Outline campaign, messages and videos we will use to engage the market
    • Record videos we will use in the campaign to build instant trust and credibility with your market
    • Craft sequence with messages, videos and calls to action to combine puzzle pieces into final campaign

    Phase 3 - Launch, Test and Optimize

    • Launch to small segment of marketplace to test effectiveness of campaign
    • Optimize based on market feedback to increase effectiveness
    • Launch campaign with your team to scale your results

    Your Investment

    • CHF 20'000 for the entire project
    • 3 months commitment of working together very closely
    • Your courage to step outside your comfort zone
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  • Testimonials

    Hear what our clients say about us

    Luke Faccini

    Founder & Brand Storyteller at The Sponge


    "Daniel, you the man! I loved your program, it was exactly what I needed. It has and continues to drive quality leads and great connections into my business.


    I am negotiating with a Pharmaceuticals company regarding AUD180,000 of brand story consulting (which could become much more with brand execution).


    Other than that, I have been flooded with so much work from all directions, it is ridiculous!"

    Natalie Yeadon

    Managing Director at Impetus Digital


    "I reached out to Daniel thinking that he could possibly mentor me with my marketing and sales needs as I was scaling my company. Little did I know how dramatically my life would change after starting my coaching sessions with him.


    My original intent was very tactical. How should I set up my email DRIP campaigns? How should I cold cold to bring in new sales prospects? What evolved in our coaching relationship, however, was something I never in a million years would have predicted.


    Daniel's natural intuition, ability to read people and the metaphrases they use and his thoughtful and inspiring line of questioning allowed me to look deep within myself and to anchor to feelings and ideas that I was not in touch with. I began to explore my thoughts around time scarcity and my personal vision and motivations. From our conversations, I began the most fantastical spiritual journey and followed my compulsion to write a book, 'The Healthcare Heretic: Leadership for Disruptive Change'. I wrote and published this book in the span of 2 months.


    Today I am not controlled by my work schedule, but instead I control my day. I focus on the things that provide me with the most energy and excitement and value for my company. All the tactical items I was originally stressing about have taken care of themselves. Life has taken on a whole new dimension for me."

    Benjamin Webster

    Co-founder & Managing Director at OWLshares


    "Before I started working with Daniel, I would reach out to potential clients with no strategic approach. I would just reach out and ask people to connect with the nebulous reason that we "may be of benefit to each other".


    Working with Daniel, I learned a methodology to appeal to potential contacts at a deep fundamental level. It has greatly increased my contact rates and also led to more productive relationships post initial contact.


    I enthusiastically recommend Daniel's services to anyone wanting to make high-level connections."

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