• Corporate Exit Coaching

    The Corporate Exit Coaching Program leads you through the transition from corporate executive to engaging with startups & SMEs in ways that fulfill you both emotionally and financially.

  • Are you done playing corporate politics and compromising on your values?

    Do you want to play in an environment where you can really see the impact of your work on a large scale?


    I believe we are all meant to play business with leaders and organizations that align with who we are.


    Because we know what happens when we don’t… We are miserable, no matter how much an engagement pays.


    It’s so much more exciting and fulfilling to play in a growth environment, where you can fully see the impact of your work on a massive scale.


    Because then, we are not only seen as successful but truly feel successful.


    Maybe it’s time to stop compromising your values and taking charge of your own future.

    Maybe it’s time to play business with organizations where you can fully unleash your superpowers to make real impact.


    If you're looking to engage with high-growth startups or SMEs as an executive, investor or board member, this is the right program for you.


  • How it Works

    Phase 1 - Assessment

    Duration: Approx. 4 weeks​


    Your Innate Role - Who you are in business

    • Gain absolute clarity about your innate role in business so you can focus all your energy on living that purpose
    • Understand how you will use your innate role to make real world impact so you can clearly express your unique value proposition


    Your Vision - Why you do what you do

    • Clarify your grandest vision about how the world will be different because of your work to re-ignite your inner drive
    • Get your vision on paper so you can always use it as your guiding star when navigating the world of business

    Phase 2 - Find Your Match

    Duration: Approx. 4 weeks


    Opportunity Map - Find the aligned

    • Identify the most inspiring organizations that give you goose bumps when you think about working with them
    • Identify which opportunities are aligned with your vision, values & purpose to find the perfect match


    Your Value Add - How you make maximum impact

    • Identify how your superpowers will create maximum impact for each of the aligned opportunities
    • Clearly communicate your impact to make every connection a success

    Phase 3 - Connect & Collaborate

    Duration: Approx. 4-8 weeks


    Network Mapping - Leverage your existing network

    • Tap into your existing network to learn about opportunities currently invisible to you
    • Get warm introductions to decision makers at organizations that fully align with who you are


    Introductions - Discover visionary organizations

    • Tap into our network of visionary organizations to find your opportunities for growth and contribution
    • Get introduced to decision makers at organizations where you can truly live your purpose in business


    Meet and Greet - Create your aligned opportunities

    • Use your super-powered value add to reach out to key decision makers and propose opportunities that fully align with your vision, values and purpose
    • Meet with decision makers to discuss co-creating opportunities that will give you the most joy and fulfillment

    Your Investment to Join the Program is CHF 10'000

    • When you decide to join the program, you pay a coaching fee of CHF 10'000
    • This is your entire investment for the Corporate Exit Program and covers all stages
  • What Makes Us Unique

    We've got a long history in enabling growth

    Coaching & Mentoring

    Coached & mentored 250+ corporate leaders and entrepreneurs from 29+ nationalities on corporate exit strategies and strategic business development

    Content Marketing

    Published 500+ articles on entrepreneurship, business development, personal growth and innovation that generated more than 800’000 page views

    Business Enablement

    Enabled angel investments, joint venture partnerships and business deals that led to more than CHF 20 Million in new business value

    Board Placement

    Built Board of Directors for Global Entrepreneurship Network Switzerland consisting of 6 high-profile entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders

    Community Building

    Built a community of 11’000+ professionals and executives with the goal of fostering cross-sector partnerships between corporates and startups in Switzerland

    Recruiting & Staffing

    Recruited 100+ professionals and executives for large corporations and international SMEs in the ICT, life science, finance and service industry

  • Testimonials

    Hear what our clients say about us

    Richard Grauel

    Business Development Executive for Clean Energy Infrastructure and Private Equity

    "After only two short conversations with Daniel, he clearly understood my personal vision and mission.


    Just a few days later he sent an introduction to a truly inspirational entrepreneur I would never have normally come across in my extensive network.


    I would sincerely like to thank Daniel for connecting me and enabling me to live my dream as an entrepreneur and investor in a very exciting new business venture."

    Natalie Yeadon

    Managing Director at Impetus Digital


    "I reached out to Daniel thinking that he could possibly mentor me with my marketing and sales needs as I was scaling my company. Little did I know how dramatically my life would change after starting my coaching sessions with him.


    My original intent was very tactical. How should I set up my email DRIP campaigns? How should I cold cold to bring in new sales prospects? What evolved in our coaching relationship, however, was something I never in a million years would have predicted.


    Daniel's natural intuition, ability to read people and the metaphrases they use and his thoughtful and inspiring line of questioning allowed me to look deep within myself and to anchor to feelings and ideas that I was not in touch with. I began to explore my thoughts around time scarcity and my personal vision and motivations. From our conversations, I began the most fantastical spiritual journey and followed my compulsion to write a book, 'The Healthcare Heretic: Leadership for Disruptive Change'. I wrote and published this book in the span of 2 months.


    Today I am not controlled by my work schedule, but instead I control my day. I focus on the things that provide me with the most energy and excitement and value for my company. All the tactical items I was originally stressing about have taken care of themselves. Life has taken on a whole new dimension for me."

    Michel Jenal

    Area Manager Switzerland at ESL Education


    "We engaged with Daniel on a partnership development training where he coached our 16 global Country Managers to give them the foundation and strategies for making connections and building partnerships with key companies in our market in a simple, direct and personal way.

    Daniel was able to bring invaluable experience and insights because of his background and daily work in business development as well as coaching and training.

    Within just two weeks after the training, new partnerships in several countries have already been initiated.“

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