• Nothing magical ever happens in a vacuum

  • We are very happy to have you on board

    for the next CEO Collaboration Day on 11th April.

    This event is by invitation only and based on a "Pay What You Want" model, so you can contribute an amount you feel this experience is worth to you.


    Here is what we will deliver ...


    - 6 Roundtable Conversations on topics that are on top of everyone's mind, led by an expert sharing his or her practical insights and learnings from their experience. The roundtables are moderated by highly professional individuals, creating an atmosphere of empowerment for everyone to share their challenges in an non-competitive environment.

    Value: CHF 1500



    - Meet people you won’t meet anywhere else: leaders of their own kind, motivated and driven to advance humanity through the impact they create with their organizations, to build a sustainable future for all of us.

    Value: Priceless



    - and of course, the highest quality of food for lunch and snacks that taste wonderful, give you the right nutrition and keep your energy up. This will make sure your entire day is productive and you do not go into food coma after eating.

    Value: CHF 150



    We are committed to provide you a safe environment for real deep personal connection and exchange allowing us all to be our true selves with all we carry.


    Why? Because we need access to all of our competencies, abilities and most of all, our creative power to overcome the challenges of our times of continuous and fast change.


    Nothing magical ever happens in a vacuum.


    So let’s walk this path together.

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    by contributing an amount you feel this experience is worth to you

  • See you at the CEO Collaboration Day on 11th April!


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