• How it Works

    Phase 1 - Intake Meeting

    Duration: 1-2 Hours


    Objectives & Challenges

    • Assess key objectives to clarify the priorities you want to accomplish
    • Assess current key challenges and what issues could show up along the way to anticipate unforeseen obstacles

    Phase 2 - Strategy Day

    Duration: 1 Full Day


    Cultural Intelligence

    • Cultural Understanding: Decide who you want to engage with and why, to play with people and organizations you are aligned with
    • Cultural Strategy: Identify how to implement those changes and how it fits with your business goals
    • Cultural Exposure: Implement the strategy in a way that’s aligned with you and the new market’s culture

    Brand Alignment & Strategy

    • Align the brand image, promise, and behavior with the vision of the company
    • Align the business strategy with your brand behavior
    • Strategize campaigns that are aligned with what the brand provides in experience, and what the audience demands

    Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement

    • Outline vision and purpose of the expansion to align all stakeholders under a joint vision
    • Assess resources & capabilities that are required to make expansion a success
    • Define strategy for engaging the right stakeholders around the shared vision to have maximum commitment from each person involved

    Game Plan

    • Define action plan based on strategy for each key area to ensure the success of the expansion project
    • Identify the right leaders for Access Panel that will provide resources & capabilities required for the success of the project

    Phase 3 - Access Panel Engagement

    Duration: 3-6 Months


    • Define key objectives to accomplish in collaboration with Access Panel members to set clear expectations
    • Engage with Access Panel over set period of time to access resources & capabilities required to ensure the success of the project
    • Transfer newly gained resources & capabilities into company to internalize the assets and sustain pace of expansion progress

    Phase 4 - Evaluation

    Duration: Approx. 1 Day​


    • Together with the Access Panel members, we will decide if we want to continue the collaboration or require a new panel of leaders for the next growth phase
    • Re-engage with existing or new Access Panel to break through to next growth stage
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